94% A profession that involves cutting something all day – Answers


The 94 percent game has appeared since several years. It occupies since a very good classification in the play store and itunes as well as other sites dedicated to ios and android. You may have started playing and you may be stuck somewhere. We will present you now the solutions of 94% A profession that involves cutting something all day. You choosed to use our website, so you will no longer miss any word in any level, theme or picture. We are covering the game with different manners and you will see just the result of several months of hard work. Just Enjoy your progress in the game. This game is fun to play. It makes you think and is a great time killer! The only thing is, if you finish all the levels, the answers don’t change so you can’t do it again because you will know all the answers. But overall I would recommend it ! Really fun and a good way to make you think. I would give it a better rating with it wasn’t for the ads, as they are too much. ad very time you open the app and sometimes then you finish the level. So, just put off your internet and you will play quiet.

What are the answers of 94% A profession that involves cutting something all day ? :

94% Answers Here are the answers, hints and cheats for this level :

  • Hairdresser 29 %
  • Chef 16 %
  • Butcher 12 %
  • Tailor 8 %
  • Gardener 8 %
  • Surgeon 8 %
  • Lumberjack 7 %
  • Carpenter 6 %

The next answers you have to find next this one are just here : 94% A word other than love” found in love songs”. As I said before, you will not miss any word in this game even for few percents. This is what we are calling a super game guide for 94%. Just Enjoy The Answers !

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